October 25, 2020

Why We Need A Toaster Oven? All pros and cons of a toaster oven

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Why Buy A Toaster Oven?’, because you have, you are right to question. Toaster ovens are very versatile electrical appliances for use in the kitchen. They are multi-functional and are not as costly as traditional, conventional ovens but have an upper edge over them. They are also better than microwave ovens as the latter make your food very chewy and soggy but at the same time, hard.

Why Buy A Toaster Oven?

Therefore, a toaster oven is a perfect alternative for both wall and microwave oven. Also, they are super convenient to use, consume less energy and thus, helps you save money on electricity bills all the while cooking you scrumptious dishes. If you don’t have a toaster oven, then you need to know what wonders it can cook up in your kitchen. Let us unravel for you the Different Uses Of A Toaster Oven. 

Compact size

Toaster ovens are also made in the same light- they are convenient and compact and even the smallest kitchen can be adjusted to fit in this appliance. This is far better than conventional and microwave ovens as it is much lighter and compact and can fit on the countertop or even the most humble of the kitchens with much ease. Even a large-sized toaster oven is smaller than a conventional oven which says a lot about the space consumption of toaster ovens.

Convection cooking

Unlike traditional convection ovens, toaster ovens in today’s world come with the Convention feature which allows them to cook and bake just like a conventional oven. Baking and cooking in a toaster oven with convection feature occurs by hot air that is circulated throughout the oven by a fan to ensure even cooking. This convection cooking of the toaster ovens enables them to cook and bake food evenly, thoroughly and in a short time. Unlike the microwave ovens, they don’t make the food all chewy and hard. With toaster ovens, you have all these amazing features and the ability to cook like a conventional oven while consuming way less energy.

Energy efficient

As we mentioned above, toaster ovens are energy- efficient and will help you save money on electricity bills. Toaster ovens consume somewhere between 1200 to 1800 Watts which lies somewhere near half of the power that the conventional oven takes up. The problem with conventional ovens is that no matter how small the meal, the oven will still take a lot of energy, most of which will get wasted. Toaster ovens take a justified amount of energy and also preheat faster. Thus, taster ovens are not only very energy- efficient, but they also save you a lot of money.


Toaster ovens are very versatile and can perform several functions. The several modes on a toaster oven are available due to the vast temperature range on the oven. You can cook several different types of dishes and perform many functions like baking, defrosting, heating, boiling, broiling and more. The interface is also digital with a touchscreen display. The diversity of these functions allow you to accomplish every step of your cooking with just one toaster oven.

It is compact and multi-functional that you can do just about any cooking with them, not leaving much to do for other cooking appliances or a gas stove. To cook a chicken meal, you need one toaster oven that can defrost your chicken as well as broil it. This multi-function ability of the toaster ovens comes in handy when you don’t have much space, are still not settled or don’t have the luxury of keeping too many appliances, yet.

Faster cooking

Toaster ovens take up very little energy for cooking and also preheat faster. This is because of the small size of toaster ovens which makes them use less space. The warming up and heating of food is quicker with toaster ovens as compared to any other conventional way of cooking. As it is equipped with the convection feature, which ensures that cooking is done very evenly and thoroughly.

Easy to use and maintain

Toaster ovens are very easy to use with a user- friendly, touchscreen display and safe body. It is so safe that unlike gas stoves, even children can use them. The interiors of a toaster oven are made of no stick and stainless steel material which makes the wiping process very smooth. 

Due to the small and approachable size of the countertop or toaster ovens, you can easily reach the corners of the oven to clean them thoroughly. There are drip trays in a toaster oven that are present there to accumulate the grease and this tray can be cleaned very easily to get rid of the grease. Not only is this great for cleaning, but the drip tray also prevents staining and the risk of fire.

Toaster ovens are affordable-

To get the same facilities as a conventional oven, you shouldn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket and that is why buying a toaster oven makes much sense. As if you don’t have enough expenses already! Toaster ovens are cheaper and maintaining and operating costs of these ovens are also very less as compared to conventional ovens. Even if you make a one-time investment in buying a conventional oven, you will still end up paying a lot of money in electricity bills. Plus, for the variety of functions that a toaster oven can perform at such a low cost, it only makes sense to buy a toaster oven instead of a microwave or conventional one.


We hope that you have got sufficient reasons to switch to a toaster oven and you probably don’t need anymore. Toaster ovens are convenient, energy-efficient and super versatile. Plus, they won’t leave a hole in your pocket after you are done with them.

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Your Guide To Buying Toaster Ovens
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