March 21, 2022

Hamilton Beach 31127D Toaster Oven – Easy to place, cook, and clean

Hamilton Beach 31127D Review 2022

There is no such array in kitchen improvement appliances, especially in the genre of small and countertop products, where Hamilton Beach does not excel. Be it the list of “best Blender” or “best coffee makers” or “best deep fryers”, you will find more than one product from this particular manufacturer on the respective lists.

Since the last 100 or 110 years, Hamilton Beach is responsible for the invention of some of the necessary and ground-breaking kitchen improvement technologies and appliances, without which our lives will be much more difficult now. In this particular Hamilton Beach 31127D Review, we are going to discuss small and compact countertop toaster ovens from the manufacturer, which are undoubtedly considered as one of the best in today’s time.

Hamilton Beach 6-Slice Countertop Toaster Oven Details

Most of the Best Hamilton Beach toaster ovens are designed with insulated stainless-steel, which not only maintains the internal temperature to the required level but also increases the shelf-life of the appliance itself.

As the raw materials being used in the manufacturing process are extremely heavy duty and corrosion resistant, countertop ovens are literally built for worry-free frequent usage. As these Hamilton Beach 31127D Roll-Top Door Oven are easy to use and easy to maintain at the same time, keeping them on your countertop is makes your life easier- and that’s what the manufacturer wants. This complete Hamilton Beach 31127D Review, will help you to know all about it before you buy it.

This Hamilton Beach countertop toaster oven 31127D is pretty unique in every aspect, starting from its design and then features, convenience, and so on. Before proceeding towards the individual advantage and disadvantage of this Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven 31127D, let us discuss the different features it comes with. The perfect amalgamation of innovative design and exciting features is what makes it desirable to many households around the globe.


  • Unique And Innovative Design.
  • Easy Access To Food
  • Timers And Alerts Are Included For More Convenience.
  • Compact And Lightweight In Size, Hence Does Not Take Much Counter Space.
  • Easy To Use Cooking Functions.
  • Wide Temperature Range.
  • Pretty Decent Capacity
  • Easy To Maintain

Unique And Innovative Design

The Very First Thing Anyone Will Notice About This Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven Is It Is Unique And Patented Design. Most Of The Countertop Microwaves Come With Doors That Mostly Open Down, Which May Seem Convenient To Most People, But It Did Nothing Than Taking A Lot Of Counter Space. But In Case Of This Best Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven, The Door Rolls Over To The Top, Which Eventually Solves The Counter Space Occupancy Issue And Makes The Model More Suitable For Small Spaces. Along With The Unique Door Design, The Compact Yet Sturdy, Corrosion-resistant Stainless-steel Design Also Makes It One Of The Best Appliances Of Today’s Time.

Easy Access To Food

As The Door Opens On Top, This Makes The Food Much More Accessible To The User, In This Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven With Roll-top Door. So As Ovens Tend To Get Hot Pretty Easily, Using Them Safely Is One Of The Biggest Concerns. With Regular Oven Doors, Getting Hot Burns Are Pretty Common If The User Is Not Aware.

With Its Roll-on-the-top Door, This Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Toaster Handle The Food While Cooking Is Going On Or Taking Out The Food Out Of The Oven Becomes Much More Convenient Than All Those Generic Models, As The Door Was Out Of The Way. So, Sprinkling A Lot Of Cheese Over Your Food During Cooking Or Turning The Food Over And Over, Frequently To Get An Even Surface Becomes Way Easier With This Hamilton Beach 31127d Countertop Toaster Oven. Moreover, The Door Comprised Of Heat Resistant And Thick Glass, Through Which The User Can Keep An Eye On The Food While Cooking.

Easy to access food

Timers And Alerts For More Convenient Usage

Like Any Other Toaster Ovens, Present In The Market, This Hamilton Beach 31127d Roll-top Door Oven Also Comes With Specified Timers. Hamilton Beach Is One Of Those Very Few Companies, Which Uses Contoured Knobs For Easier Gripping And Handling.

The Timer Knob In This Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven Is Comprised Of A 30 Minutes Clock With A Separate Stay On Feature For Baking And Cooking. Along With That, A Separate Option For Toast Is Also Available, Which Enables The User To Choose Between Light/Dark Toast As Well. The Indicative Red Light Turns On When The Machine Starts Cooking And Stops Eventually When The Timer Goes Off.

Timers And Alerts For More Convenient Usage

Compact And Lightweight In Size

 Along With The Roll-on Top Door, The Appliance Itself Is Pretty Compact And Lightweight, Hence Does Not Take A Lot Of Counter Space. In Today’s Time, When Concepts Like Micro-apartments And Small Studio Apartments Are In Maximum High, People Do Not Get Enough Space In The Kitchen To Place All The Necessary Appliances. So Make Them Compact, And Lightweight Opens Up Many More Options To Conveniently Place Them. The Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven We Are Discussing Is That Is Why So Popular Not Only Among Households But In The Dorm Room And Hostel Places As Well.

Easy To Use Cooking Functions

The Hamilton Beach 31127d Countertop Toaster Oven Is Comprised Of Bake, Broil And Toast Functions. Like Any Other Toaster Ovens, This Best Hamilton Beach Convection Toaster Oven Is Also Comprised Of Heating Elements On The Top And Bottom Inside Surface Of The Appliance. The Cooking Functions Basically Determine Which Heating Element Is To Be Turned On During The Cooking Process. Where In Bake And Broil Mode The Bottom And The Top Heating Element Gets Turned On Respectively, The Toast Mode Is Responsible For Turning On Both The Elements.

Wide Temperature Range

As Mentioned In Hamilton Beach 31127d Review, The In-built Temperature Range In This Best Hamilton Beach Oven Is Also Pretty Versatile And Cook Food Up To 450 Degrees F At Max. Hence The Wide Temperature Range Allows The User To Keep Food Warm In The Lowest Setting To Broil The Outer Surface Of The Food Pretty Easily And Without Any Hassle.

Pretty Decent Capacity

Though The Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Toaster Seems Pretty Compact And Small Capacity From The Outside But This Small Appliance Can Accommodate A 12” Inches Of Pizza 6 Slices Of Bread Respective While Cooking. Comprises Of A 9 X 11 Inches Of Bake Pan, This Particular Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven Can Literally Handle Any Types Of Oven Cooking Including Roasting Of A Medium Size Turkey Or Chicken As Well.


Easy To Maintain

Along With So Many Interesting Features, In Terms Of Both Design And Functionality, This Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven Is Also Very Easy To Clean And Maintain. As The Interior Of The Appliance Is Manufactured With Rust-resistant And Corrosion-free Steel Materials, They Do Not Catch Anything Like Food Splashes And Etc. Moreover, The Removable Crumb Tray And Door Are Also Making The Cleaning Process Much Easier And Hassle-free.

Hamilton Beach 31127D Roll-Top Door Oven Specifications

Specification NameValue
Model Number31127D
Product Dimension15.24 X 18.74 X 9.41 Inches
Product Weight11.4 pounds
TypeCountertop Toaster Oven With Roll Over The Top Door
MaterialStainless steel
Timer30 minutes
Maximum Temperature450 degree F
Toast Capacity6 slices
Pizza Capacity12"
Warranty1-year Limited Warranty


  • Easy access
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Removable crumb tray
  • 30 minute timer

Bottom Line

So this is all about Hamilton Beach 31127D Review. With the primary objective of designing and developing professional level appliances that can make people’s lives easier and hassle-free, Hamilton Beach is serving the population for ages. Like so many other appliances, their convection ovens are not only is not only functional and loaded with hundreds of different features but can also be fitted to any kitchen and small spaces as well.

From reheating leftovers to bake a whole turkey, during Thanksgiving, everything is possible by this particular Hamilton Beach convection toaster oven. Though it is small and compact, yet mighty and versatile. Moreover, advanced insulation also makes it safe for usage as well. Along with so many good points about this particular appliance, the only negative is that, as the provided cord length is pretty short, there always has to be a source of electricity nearby, where you are planning to keep the appliance.

Frequently Ask Questions

How to clean oven door glass Hamilton Beach 31127D Countertop Toaster Oven?

You can easily clean the glass door of Hamilton Beach 31127D Toaster Oven with a damp cloth. Not only the door, the entire unit is easy to clean and does not require much effort.

What are the dimensions of the Hamilton Beach 31127D countertop grill?

 The dimensions of the Hamilton Beach 31127D countertop grill are 15.2* 18.7* 9.4 inches. It can perfectly fit six slices of toast and even a pizza of 12 inches.

The Hamilton beach 31127D countertop convection oven is a tiny and compact convection oven but sturdy and spacious enough to accommodate 12” of pizza and 6 slices of bread easily. Other than its exciting feature, one thing which makes it different from other generic ovens is it roll-over the top door, which makes it more convenient and easy to use. With three different cooking functions, this particular convection oven can reach up to 450 degrees F at max. Though the timer can only be set up to 30 minutes at a stretch, otherwise this particular countertop oven has everything to drool for.

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