March 21, 2022

Hamilton Beach 31103Da Countertop Convection Oven – Ensures faster and evenly baking

Hamilton Beach 31103DA Review 2022

Are you fond of Pizzas and Toasts and fed up with waiting in a long queue? Then you must buy Hamilton Beach 31103DA Countertop Oven With Convection And Rotisserie for your kitchen. This Hamilton beach 31103DA countertop convection oven is an extra-large stainless steel oven that can fit two large 12” pizzas or two baking pans or two standard casseroles for a complete family meal. Now let’s check out the complete Hamilton Beach 31103DA Review with detailed features, Pros and Cons in the following section.

Hamilton Beach Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven Details

 It has a revolving rotisserie for cooking a 5-pound chicken with its flavor and juice while making its outer layer crispy and inner part juicy and flavorful. Revolving rotisserie kit is provided with the oven along with 2 baking pans and broiler rack for cooking your dish. We also get a removable drip tray and 2 cooking racks along with the oven. There are four settings in the oven with extra- large dial knobs.

Temperature knob with a temperature range of 300 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit, a functional knob for turning the set up to convection, rotisserie and bake mode, and timer knob from 0 – 120 minutes with a stay-on function for 2 hours. The conventional mode bakes faster and more evenly than a traditional oven. This is one of the safest Hamilton beach Rotisserie convection ovens in the market.

Hamilton Beach Rotisserie 31103DA Toaster Oven FEATURES

  • Versatility
  • Large capacity.
  • Settings
  • Timer
  • Rotisserie oven
  • Broil
  • Capacity
  • Heating coils


This Hamilton beach convection oven with rotisserie 31103DA is a highly versatile oven that allows you to bake anything on earth. There is enough space to keep a 5 pound chicken and bake. Similarly, you can roast beef, pork, and turkey with the help of revolving rotisserie setup.


Large Capacity

Hamilton beach 31103DA rotisserie toaster oven has the functional interior capacity to bake two large 12 inch pizzas at the same time. Though it looks small outside, you can fit anything inside the oven to bake. You can keep a large casserole inside and cook your meal. There are two baking racks to cook and bake food for a big family.


As you mentioned in HAMILTON BEACH 31103DA REVIEW, it has 4 different settings for cooking anything in the world. Settings available in the oven are bake, broil, rotisserie and convection mode. It has bake mode to prepare brownies, cookies, cakes, muffins, and any baked food inside the oven. Broil mode is excellent for cooking fish. If you want to cook chicken, beef, or pork, you can use the rotisserie set up. Similarly, a convection setting helps you to bake like a professional baker.



Hamilton beach convection oven has two-hour cooking timer so that you can cook your food happily by a preset timer and can set up a timer for baking your cake perfectly. After the 2 hour timer, the oven will shut off automatically.

Rotisserie oven

The Best Koldfront 24 Bottle Wine Cooler is an amazing Rotisserie oven is one of the best highlights of this Best Toaster Oven For The Money. You can cook a 5 pound chicken with added flavors in this oven. You can fill the chicken with herbs, vegetables, and spices and fit it in the rotisserie rod to flip on.

It cooks the chicken crispier outside and juicier inside within two hours. If you want to keep it warm, then you can use the stay-on function and hold the heat for two hours. Customers have found this function amazing and better than large ovens product at this price. The dual-zone wine cooler not only allows you to save your wine but all kinds of one at the different temperatures which are ideal for them. The performance level of the product has been good so far and the most users of the product are happy with product, it quality, features and operation in preserving the taste and quality of their wines.

Rotisserie oven


The capacity of the device is 500 cubic units, and the size suits exactly for preparing a meal for a family of four. Broiling seafood is a breeze with this Hamilton Beach Rotisserie Convection Oven as there are four heating coils to heat the food evenly in all directions.


Heating coils

There are four heating coils, two coils at the top and 2 coils at the bottom. It helps to provide consistent heating to large dishes. It is energy efficient and cuts your electricity bill into half.

Hamilton Beach 31103DA Rotisserie Toaster Oven SPECIFICATIONS

Specification NameValue
Style NameExtra large
Product dimension17.7 x 23.2 x 14.5 inches
Weight25 pounds
Model number31103DA
ColorStainless steel
Material typeStainless steel
TypeConvection oven
Wattage1500 watts
Capacity500 cu.units.
Heating coils4
BrandHamilton Beach
Baking Pans2


  • Removable drip tray
  • Easy to use
  • Temperature Control
  • Easy to clean

Frequently Ask Questions

Which convection oven is better, Hamilton Beach or Oster?

Both Hamilton and Oster are good convection ovens, but based on reviews and ratings in different websites, we can say that the Hamilton convection oven is slightly better than the Oster convection oven.

How to use Hamilton Beach Rotisserie Attachment Convection Oven?

You can use the Hamilton Beach Rotisserie Attachment Convection Oven for baking, making rotisserie chicken, broiling and even reheating dishes. Follow the steps below-

Insert the food in the racks or skewer your preferred food in the slots provided in the toaster oven.
Set the timer and the mode of cooking accordingly.
Shut the door which will enable for an immediate start of the toaster oven.

What is the newest model of Hamilton Beach Convection Oven?

The Hamilton Beach 31103DA Countertop convection oven is the most recent oven from the Hamilton company.

How do you preheat a Hamilton Beach Convection Oven?

You can easily preheat the Hamilton beach convection oven, by placing the first baking rack in the bottom slot and the second baking rack in the third rack and then set the temperature at 450°F for 10mins.

Is there an internal light in Hamilton Beach 31103DA Countertop Convection Oven?

No, the Hamilton Beach 31103DA Countertop Convection Oven does not have an internal light. However, other models of Hamilton ovens do have internal light

What is the wattage of this Hamilton Beach 31103DA Countertop convection oven?

This Hamilton Beach Rotisserie 31103DA Toaster Oven uses 1500 W.

What is the interior and exterior coating of this Hamilton Beach 31103DA Countertop convection oven?

The interior is coated with stainless steel, and the sides are coated with black enamel.

How many pounds of chicken can Hamilton Beach 31103DA Countertop convection oven roast?

It can roast a large chicken of 4- 5 pounds. Make sure to keep the breast portion at the top as the heating elements will be very near to the top notion.

Final Words

So this is all about Hamilton Beach 31103DA Review, hope you find it helpful to choose the best one in the market. Hamilton Beach toaster oven is one of the small, smart and best toaster ovens for the money. It comes with 2 baking pans, rotisseries kit, 2 cooking racks and a broiler pan. The knobs are big enough to operate and control the functions easily.

Hamilton Beach 31103DA countertop oven with convection and rotisserie is a great small oven, which is an excellent complement to your countertop. Your food gets heated up quicker than other countertop ovens. It contains cool-touch handles, and see-through convenience is present over the door. All the parts are dishwasher safe, and cleaning is effortless in this oven.

We can fit two 12 “ pizzas or two casseroles of size 9 “ x 13” or even two cake pans for smart cooking. It also has a revolving rotisserie for cooking a 5 lb chicken. Convection settings are there to bake almost anything on earth with its faster and traditional method. There is an auto-shutoff feature to shut down the oven after two hours of baking and broiling. This is one of the best Hamilton beach rotisserie oven and best toaster oven for RV.

The rotisserie function is great and cooks the top portion excellently than the bottom part. So you need to be cautious when you are cooking chicken. Keep the breast portion facing top so that you will get crispy chicken with moist and juicy inside. It has an automatic shut off function to turn off your oven after two hours and thus saves your electricity bill. Hamilton beach rotisserie 31103DA toaster oven is an excellent addition to your kitchen.

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