October 25, 2020

Toaster Oven Or Microwave Oven – Which One Is Better?

Before we even begin to compare the two types of oven, let’s start with understanding what these two ovens are about. A toaster oven is a small device, much smaller in size as compared to a convection oven but it will do the task almost equal to the convection oven. So, do not underestimate the power of a toaster oven. 

You can cook, roast, bake, toast, and do so much more in a toaster oven. On the other side, a microwave is a tiny device which may even be smaller than a toaster oven and is used to heat food to a warm temperature. It can also be used to prepare food, but it is very specific. Now, that you have got yourself a brief understanding of what both these types of ovens are, let’s begin with comparing Toaster Oven Vs Microwave.

Toaster Oven Vs Microwave

We are going to compare both of these ovens in terms of some of the features that our team surveyed it upon-


Toaster Oven

Microwave Oven


If we compare both these ovens based on how the food is cooked and how much time it takes, the microwave is a clear winner. Cooking food in a toaster oven takes a long time, as the oven uses interior heating elements to cook the food from outside to inside.

As the name suggests, the microwave oven uses the microwave to heat the food. This wave can heat each and every water molecule present in the food at the same time, making it much faster compared to the toaster oven.

Can they brown or toast the food?

The answer is yes, in case of a toaster oven. As the name suggests, this oven can be used to toast bread, make pizzas, and do so much more.

Microwave oven fails in this part, as they are incapable of browning food or even toasting the bread.

Which one cooks food tastier?

This is a major factor, and we will consider crispy food as the main judging parameter. The crispier the food, the tastier it is. And the toaster oven wins in this, as the heating element cooks from the outside to the inside, food like bacon strips and chicken wings, get crispy very well.

You won’t be a fan of a microwave oven if you knew how soggy it can make food while heating them. You can never aspect microwave oven to give you a crispy chicken wing served on your plate as they can’t really do it. So, in terms of taste, the microwave oven fails in it.

Can they cook frozen food?

In the beginning, toaster ovens did not come with the pre-setting of cooking frozen food, but new models on the market do have it. Cooking frozen food in a toaster oven is possible but it may take a long time. Although the wait is worth it because it gives the food a really good texture as well as a crisp outer layer.

Yes, the microwave oven can surely cook frozen food in a jiffy. In comparison, cooking frozen food in a microwave oven is much faster than in a toaster oven. But the problem arises when the food lacks taste such as a crispy outer layer.

Dual Purpose

Most toaster ovens can be considered as a smaller version of a convection oven and hence they can be used to cook convection meals as well.

Microwave ovens can never be used to cook convection meals.


In our tests, we found that a toaster oven can perform much better if the food is provided in small quantities. So, if you are going to have a party at home, mind that you will have to start preparing from hours before.

Microwave ovens can easily deal with cooking large quantities of meals as compared to a toaster oven. Depending upon the capacity, you can provide it with as much food as you want to heat or cook at one go. It will prepare the food proportionately and in the same manner.

Are Toaster Ovens Better Than Microwaves?

Now that you have gone through all aspects of comparison between a toaster oven and a microwave let me make you the judge of that. In case the word toaster oven comes to your mind, then yes my dear reader you are right! A toaster oven is not restricted in any way for cooking. You can toast, bake, brown, broil and do so much more with it. But with the microwave oven, you may have to restrict yourself a lot as it can only heat food, and can never taste toast or brown. In our tests, we found that even the taste of the food cooked in a toaster oven is much better, thanks to the crispy skin it provides the food with, as compared to a microwave oven.

But, in case you are a person who does not like experimenting with food, and is okay with regular cooking and baking, then a microwave oven will be just the right product for you. Also, if you are a person who is very busy with life, and needs something that can cook your food faster, a microwave oven is the one for you, as they are swift. But beware, the food may not taste as good as made with a toaster oven.

Microwave Vs Toaster Oven Which Is Healthier?

This question has caused a lot of confusion in people, and I am not going to go into the depths of it, because it depends upon what the user likes eating, what is healthy in his definition. So, this segment will consist of my personal opinion as well as experience. If I compare both of these products, they are very different. 

Both of them have a different method of heating the food; the toaster oven uses heating elements, whereas the other uses microwaves. In a toaster oven, the food is cooked from outside to inside, whereas in the microwave oven it heats the water molecules, making it cook proportionately.


In the study and various speculations made so far, I have found that microwave ovens are more capable of retaining the nutrition and all the ‘goods’ of an ingredient within the food. In contrast, the toaster oven fails to do so. So, I will say if you are a health freak, go for a microwave oven, otherwise, a toaster oven will be more than enough to keep you happy and content.

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