March 21, 2022

Cuisinart TOB-1010 vs TOB-40N what’s the difference?

The Cuisinart TOB-40N and TOB-1010 are two popular models of toaster ovens from the Cuisinart brand. Both of these models have similar features and attributes. However, there are some differences between them that users should be aware of before making a purchase decision. The TOB-40N has a larger capacity than the TOB-1010, and it also has a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. The TOB-1010, on the other hand, has a digital display that shows the time and temperature.

Toaster Oven ModelBuy Now
1. Cuisinart TOB-1010 Toaster Oven BroilerAmazon
2. Cuisinart TOB-40N Custom Classic Toaster OvenAmazon

Cuisinart TOB-1010 Vs TOB-40N Toaster Oven

FeaturesCuisinart TOB 40NCuisinart TOB 1010
ModelTOB 40NTOB 1010
Capacity15 quarts15 quarts
Dimension (Inch)11.74 x 17 x 8.3516 x 18.5 x 10.75
Weight12.9 lbs15 lbs
Temperature200F to 450F200F to 450F
Power1800 W1800 W
First ArrivalJan-2011June-2018
Prest Function56
Color VarientsSilver/ BlackSilver
Control PanelManual knob + No displayManual knob + No display
Suitable for6+ persons6+ persons

Feature comparison


The two models have the same cooking capacity, around 15 quarts. They are both moderately large toaster ovens that can cook for a large family quite sufficiently.

Cooking functions

Cooking FunctionsCuisinart TOB 40NCuisinart TOB 1010

The table shows that the Cuisinart TOB 1010 has a pizza function, while the basic Cuisinart toaster oven does not. The TOB 1010 also has functions for broiling and baking, while the basic toaster oven does not.

Cooking FunctionsCuisinart TOB 40NCuisinart TOB 1010
Temperature probeXX
Split cookXX
Slow CookXX
Slow RoastXX
Air FryXX

Control panel

Both of these ovens have a control panel with knobs to set the temperature, time, and cooking functions. There is no LED display to show the status.

Temperature range

The two models have a similar range of working temperatures, which is good for cooking at high temperatures. Neither of the models can cook in low temperatures, so they do not have a dehydrate function.

Price and value for money

The prices of both the models are almost the same, but the value for money of TOB 1010 is slightly better.

Heating element

Both of the models have a heating element that is 1800W, which is a powerful heating element compared to some other comparable models of other brands.

Bottom Line

The Cuisinart TOB-1010 is the better toaster oven. It has a few added features such as the additional cooking function and the updated design, but the price is the same as the TOB 40N.

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