October 25, 2020

Toaster Oven Recipes - What can we cook with Toaster & Convection Ovens

Is toaster oven a perfect tool for making toast? Tthese tiny ovens make the great toasted bread and can even do total plenty more. It is much energy efficient than standard oven and even it can make food brown and crispy in such a way that even microwave cannot do it. Now in this guide, we are going to see the list of Toaster Oven Recipes.

Toaster ovens are perfect in preparing breakfast and even much more. They may be tiny, but they are versatile, nimble and surprisingly capable. Toaster ovens quickly pre-heat and in general the kitchens don’t become hot with this type of ovens.

Toaster Oven Recipes

You can prepare many numbers of recipes with the help of toaster oven. With the help of toaster oven you can bake tasty pizzas. This oven can even bake veggies till they turn out to be nice and crispy. They can even help in preparing sausages and meat as well. It is an additional option to bake complete size bunch. Besides preparing breakfast sandwiches, toasts, it is also used to warm up the freeze snacks. This article will let you know about the dishes that can be prepared with the help of toaster oven./ Below is some list of recipes for toaster oven:


  • Mini breakfast pizza: Pizza for the breakfast? Throw an egg on it then it becomes completely a morning meal. Swap the whole wheat English muffins with added protein and fiber and forgo the cheese for dairy free version, you will still get the enough flavors from egg and pizza sauce.  
  • Baked eggs: Fill up the ramekins with egg, spinaches, tomatoes, little milk and some quantity of cheese. Just 15min in toaster oven you will get healthy and comfortable breakfast. 
  • Baked apple oats: Toasting the cinnamon powdered apple toaster oven is easy and it can be salsa up in the morning oats quickly. To obtain protein and soupy texture mix it with peanut butter and Greek yogurt. 
  • Cinnamon bananas: This recipe is prepared with 4 ingredients: banana, honey, lemon juice and cinnamon. For getting extra garnish with simple Greek yogurt and slight dark chocolate dips. 
  • Walnut muffins made with whole wheat banana: These party bites are healthier start up the morning with oats and whole wheat flour. Feel free to add extra tea spoon of sugar as well as canola oil. 


  • Chicken quesadillas: These dillas can also be filled with all types of veggies too. Prefer full wheat as a substitute of white tortillas. With clean herbs you can have additional flour meal so you can reduce cheese content. 
  • Tortilla pizza: This is fit and healthy recipe and recipe is prepare by using full granule tortilla as a scab and top up with little marinara mush, intersperse with cheese that has less fat and lots of clean veggies up to your wish and need, this dish come out to with great taste in toaster oven. 
  • Baked tofu: This is enormous multipurpose lunch. Instead of battling jiggle tofu in skillet, toss it in a toaster. Squeeze out some of liquid for firmer slices and then select your favorite marinade. Cube the tofu and cook it for little longer for bread less croutons or with salads or serve it in whole wheat wrap with greens and veggies. 
  • Spicy salmon sandwich: this sandwich recipe is prepared within 10 minutes. Instead of plain sliced bread use Naan or over baked flat bread. Sandwich is cooked well and very tasty in toaster oven. The bread is seasoned with sesame seeds, tart tasting sumac and fresh mint. 
  • Pita melts: It is much like other pizza- esque items and these types of melts are great adaptable to any ingredient you have got. Garnish a pita with fresh herbs, Kalamata olives, mozzarella cheese, and then put in toaster oven till cheese is thawed properly and nicely.  18001029426


  • Fish and chips: the standard paper basket of chips and fish is usually battered and fried and results in tasty greasy fingers. This recipe forgo with the batter of lemon and garlic. 
  • Stuffed mushrooms: this dish is not that heavy but it will fill up the belly.  Pack each Portobello top with the combination of onion, spinach, tomatoes, ricotta and basil. Top with bread crump and cheese crust. 
  • Tandoori chicken: tandoori is famous Middle Eastern dish usually prepared with chicken, yogurt and spices. Serve Roasted cashews and cabbage slaw on side. 
  • Baked sole and asparagus: This is scorched fish and this will be healthy dish by adding little breadcrumbs and little cheese pieces and the mayo with less fat. Asparagus can also be baked in toaster oven. 

What can you cook in a Toaster Oven? 

Below is the list of attempted and proper toaster oven recipes

  • Pizza rolls
  • Spring rolls
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Sandwiches 
  • Chicken nuggets and tenders
  • Pretty much solid food with melted cheese 

Roast the veggies 

Roast the veggies 

If you love to serve some veggies as a side dish with your main menu then toaster oven will help you. Take out all the veggies in a tiny roasting pan. Several countertop ovens include their own vessel accessories, straight in the package. 

For example Breville Smart Oven Air costs around $400 includes many extras like boiling rack, pizza pan, roasting pan. 

Baked Potatoes

Baked Potatoes

Potatoes contain more starch than good veggies. But they are prepared in toaster oven, they flavor much yummy. Set the toaster oven to preheating 400 degrees Fahrenheit and varnish them with olive oil and then add black pepper and salt. With knife on both sides give a poke, and bake them for about 50 minutes. Then cautiously remove them from oven, cut them open and give quick fluff inside the potatoes. This will come out to be excellent dish with the skin of potatoes as crunchy while the inner part as feathery, light, yet highly satisfying. 



It is suggested not to boil pork ribs totally in toaster oven, because it may take around 5 to 8 hours. Instead first cook them on instant pot and hit them with some seasonings like pepper, salt, spice rub. Then pressure cooks them for more than 30 minutes and don’t stay for the pressure to get released naturally. 

Then take out the ribs from pot as soon as possible. Next, rub them quickly with paper towels and coat them with a barbecue sauce. The sketch is to end up the dish in toaster oven. Set the oven all the way and cook it for 10 minutes then you will get the tasty, sticky, moist and tender dish. 

Cookies and treats

Cookies and treats

With the help of toaster oven you can bake brownies, cookies and other treats. There are three points to consider while roasting in toaster oven. The primary thing is that on all the parchment paper it is written not to use them in toaster oven because it is danger if paper comes in contact with high temperature element and catches fire. Be alert with this hazard if you want to use parchment paper in the oven. 

Second, many dishes made of glass should not use in toaster oven. So prefer metal pan to bake cake or brownie in the toaster oven. 

Third, baking requires more temperature than roasting, so you need to check with the right temperature of toaster oven. 

To know the precise temperatures use the oven thermometer or check with the bunch of cookies. If you want cookie to be baked in oven, then bake at a little high temperature or bake for longer times till you acquire the preferred results. 

Leftover fries and pizza

Leftover fries and pizza

Cold pizza prepared in microwave results in moist mess and same thing happens with fries also. But in toaster oven you will not find this situation. 

In toaster oven the dish turns out to be very crispy and crunchy on its outer surfaces. 

Convection Toaster Oven Recipes 

Convection toaster ovens are great for anyone. They can be used as main ovens, second ovens or simply as warmers. Here is the monster list of best convection toaster oven recipes 

Snacks and appetizers

Snacks and appetizers
  • Baked sweet potato fries: With convection toaster oven you can easily bake the sweet potato and it turn out to be tasty dish. 
  • Herb chicken tenders: Very simple and yet effective recipe with many different types of variations depending on your creation. 
  • Crispy Roasted chickpeas: Tasty easy and crispy snack for children or parents, that turn out to be wonderful in convection toaster oven. 
  • Homemade tortilla chips: Tasty than bag chips. After making the chips add some cheese and things for nachos and keep it back in oven for few minutes. 
  • Stuffed mushrooms: Great and yummy snack dish
  • Baked cheese balls: It will turn out to be favorite snack item for kids. 
  • Stuffed cheese bread: Great tasty food for kids and parents 
  • Oven fried tomatoes: It is great summer evening time snack. 


  • Ham and cheese frittatas: It is the perfect fast for breakfast 
  • Super oatmeal bars: It will be the tasty crunch of oat meal bar
  • Mini quiches: Reheat breakfast in the morning. 
  • Breakfast sandwiches: Add some bacon, ham or sausage. It is better to use toaster oven rather than microwave. 
  • French toast: Easy in toaster oven and saves on clean up
  • Baked oatmeal: It is classic breakfast in winter days. 
  • French toast bread pudding: Easy, very tasty and so good
  • Stuffed sweet potato: By changing the stuffing you can serve it for anything lunch, dinner or light snack. 


  • Pepperoni monkey bread: The mix of bread and flavors of pizza 
  • Italian sub: Classic and easy sub sandwich 
  • Hot dog: Better than boiling
  • Pizza stuffed peppers: Turn out to be very tasty pizza in toaster oven
  • Chicken pot pie: It is easy to make in toaster oven and even good food. 

Dinner and main dishes

Dinner and main dishes
  • Oven roasted chicken breast: Simple flavors and classic
  • Easy French dip sandwich: So easy and tasty
  • Roast pork loin: This dish will be fantastic 
  • Coconut crusted tilapia: This is different take on the baked fish
  • Buttermilk chicken: It is very simple 

Side dishes

Side dishes image
  • Oven Roasted asparagus: Crunchy and crispy 
  • Roasted baby carrot: Is the great side dish for any meal
  • Roasted root veggies: Very healthy and tasty 
  • Banana bread: Simple and very tasty


  • Indoor smores: Great for quick easy snack 
  • Brownies: Convection toaster oven can prepare any brownies
  • Dark chocolate almonds: Yummy and tasty with or without cranberries 
  • Apple crisp: So good for health 
  • Carrot cake: Very classic

The above mentioned are some of the recipes which we can cook easily in convection toaster oven. To get more updates or latest information on Toaster Ovens, you can bookmark our bestsmalltoasteroven.com site.

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