April 26, 2022

Where To Put Toaster Oven In Small Kitchen

It can often be a challenge to find the right spot to put your toaster oven in the kitchen. The issue is less of finding a place (there are many options) and more about finding the best place to put it. Where do you store your toaster oven in your kitchen?

This guide will help you determine where the best place is for your toaster oven. It will also help you determine whether it is practical for you to even store your small toaster oven in the kitchen.

If you love your toaster oven and want to use it it regularly, then you are going to need a good place to store it. Finding the right spot to store your toaster oven will make it easier to access when you need it and keep it out of sight when you don’t.

Storage Options

There are several different storage options when it comes to putting your toaster oven in the kitchen. Some of these options will require that you purchase some additional equipment and other options are simply empty spots that you can utilize.

Pullout Drawer

pullout drawer
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The first storage option is a pullout drawer in one of your kitchen cabinets. Pullout drawers are designed for storing small devices such as blenders, juicers, food processors and things like that. They make storing food preparation devices in cabinets very convenient as they pull out of a cabinet just like a drawer would and they typically have adjustable shelves inside them. This makes them very convenient for storing multiple food preparation devices together.

In this option, you would need to purchase a pullout shelf either new or used if possible (used might be better because they tend to be cheaper). These shelves are normally only meant for storing things vertically on their side so they may not work well if you want something that will store horizontally (more on this later). To store your toaster oven in this option, simply open the drawer and place the oven on the bottom shelf with all the knobs pointing towards the back of the drawer so they don’t interfere with other items being stored in the drawer. Because these drawers are designed for small appliances, you may want to consider taping your cord up or getting one of those rubber band cord holders so that it can easily be wrapped around the handle of your oven and then secured with the rubber band. This will prevent damage from accidentally tripping over it and breaking it off or damaging it in any way.


The second option is a shelf in a cabinet or pantry shelf that is not designated for something else like a pull out drawer or appliance garage. You may have an empty space on one of these shelves that would be perfect for storing your toaster oven on top of the cabinet or pantry shelf next to whatever else has already been stored there on that shelf. This is an excellent option because they are easy access and therefore easy to use when you need them but they won't take up room on a countertop where they could get in the way during meal prep time (or other times).

Under Cabinet

This option is also a great option because it is out of the way and still very easy to access. The only issue with this option is that sometimes you may not have an empty space on the bottom of the cabinet to fit it. Many cabinet doors are taller than a toaster oven so you may have to do some rearranging to make it fit there. If this is the case, you can always put your under cabinet toaster oven on top of the cabinet instead of below it. This is sometimes preferable because things in cabinets can be difficult to get at and you may need to pull out other things in order to get your toaster oven out.

If you will be storing your toaster oven on top of the cabinet, then you need to make sure that it fits on top of the cabinet before you purchase it. Sometimes there are shelves on top of cabinets that are too tall for a toaster oven or there may be other items already stored on the shelf that would prevent it from fitting there.

Appliance Garage

Many kitchens come with an appliance garage built into them (a lot of custom kitchens come with one). An appliance garage is a small space cut into a wall for storing small appliances such as a bread maker, blender, slow cooker, etc. The idea behind these small spaces is that they will help keep kitchen clutter down by storing things behind closed doors so that they are not cluttering up countertops and other areas where they may get in the way during meal prep time or other activities around the kitchen. They make it very convenient because they allow you to store these items away where they won’t get in the way but they still make them easily accessible when you need them.

These garages can be full height or half height depending on the size of your appliance. You should measure the height of your toaster oven before purchasing one so that you know if it will fit in the garage or if you need to look for a different option (such as an under cabinet option or drawer).


The final option is simply leaving it on your countertop. While this is not really an option if you want something that is easy access, it is an option if you don’t mind having something sitting out on a countertop for easy access when you need it and want something that doesn’t take up much room when it isn’t being used (this could be a good idea if you don’t use your toaster oven often).


Another option for storing your toaster oven in the kitchen is inside one of your cabinets but not directly inside the door itself like a drawer is (this would actually be considered a drawer in this case).

Any open space inside any cabinet (or even behind some cabinets) will do as long as there are no items stored there already that would prevent your device from fitting inside there or getting in its way while trying to access other items inside the cabinet (you should always move around items temporarily if necessary before deciding whether or not this is going to work for you).

Unfortunately, this option will require moving other items around and possibly disposing of some items in order to make room for your device but many people feel like this is worth doing because they don't like having things out on countertops where they can get damaged or be in the way during meal prep time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my toaster oven under my kitchen cabinets?

Yes, you can. This option is especially good if you don’t have any drawers or shelves in your kitchen cabinets.

Can I put my toaster oven in a cabinet drawer?

Yes, you can. This option works best if you want to be able to access it very easily when you need it but want it out of the way when you don't need it.

Will I have to change my cabinets in order to store my toaster oven inside one of them?

It depends on how much space there is and how much other stuff you have stored in your cabinets. If there is space for your device to fit inside and no other items that will get in its way, then this probably won't be necessary. However, if there isn't enough room or your other items are too close to the space where you want to store your toaster oven, then you may have to rearrange some things and get rid of some things in order for this option to work for you.


There are many different ways to store your toaster oven in the kitchen and each one has its pros and cons. Hopefully this guide has helped you determine what factors will be most important for you when choosing where to put your device so that you can find the best storage solution for your needs. Finding the right spot will make using your device very convenient and it will also prevent the device from getting damaged by being stored somewhere that is not designed for it (like a drawer where it could get bumped around).

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