April 16, 2022


Cuisinart TOB-200N is a versatile countertop oven from Cuisinart. To give an edge to the versatility of this oven, it comes with the rotisserie feature. You can spit-roast a chicken in this oven. Besides that there are 12 pre-programmed settings to help you cook a wide range of dishes. There is also a convection feature that can help you to cook a variety of dishes much faster.

The oven has a non-stick interior that makes it easy to clean it up. On the other hand, the exterior is made of stainless steel and the look of the oven is really elegant. The special feature of the oven is the light indicator that turns on when the oven is in use.


This model offers over 25 cooking functions: toast, bagels, bake, broil, roast, pizza, keep warm, and leftovers. And for the spit, chicken, duck, meat, and custom settings. It has a rotisserie, a convection fan and a button for each one of them. The convection fan can be used with most of the cooking functions. Press it at any time to add the timesaving convenience of convection technology.

program & Features

The spit button is used to make spit selections. Press and scroll to select from the settings listed above for the spit. Use the start/stop button to start operation and press again to stop any cooking function. You can also turn off the beeping indicator sounds or increase their volume for a louder sound.


Customers rave about the Cuisinart TOB-200N for its easy-to-use features that are convenient for everyday use. Some of its features include a front-mounted crumb tray for easy accessibility, a clear glass window to monitor the progress of your cooking, and easy-clean interior.

It comes with a built-in rotisserie spit and skewers, creating perfectly roasted meats that are evenly cooked on all sides. Plus, it has a convection fan that efficiently circulates hot air, and a heating element that can withstand high temperatures to ensure a golden brown crust.

This oven has a capacity of 0.8 cubic feet, and is large enough to fit 6 slices of bread, a 12-inch pizza, or 6 chicken breasts. It has a rear bump for fitting a full-size pizza.

It measures 16 x 21 x 14.5 inches, weighs 21 pounds, and comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor. The Cuisinart TOB-200N has a brushed stainless steel finish, a four-foot cord, and 1875 watts of power.


  • This rotisserie oven set includes a cooking rack, baking/drip pan, rotisserie spit, and skewers.
  • The cord storage takes up any slack and keeps the countertop tidy.
  • The nonstick interior and all materials that contact food are BPA free.
  • The rotisserie and convection fan are included.
  • The user manual is well written and comes with several recipes.


  • The Cuisinart TOB-200N oven has no interior light and a nonstick interior which can be difficult to clean if left to sit after cooking.
  • The oven temperatures are not always true to the selected temperature.
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